Colligo- Co-l(ee) ̅-go- to gather, bring together, collect, to harvest, unify, unite, binding. 

This one word embodies the spirit and intent of this new organization-through which to collaborate and bring synergy to bend the future cost curve and consider the “next generation” ideas.

Be recognized as the catalyst for a new vision of aging

An authentic, partner-centered, learning community committed to one another


The Challenge

Senior living organizations desire to be viable, remain independent, and address the increasing number of complex disruptors with limited resources, while ensuring long-term financial success and excellent resident services.


The Realization

Current alternatives are not moving us forward. Associations provide advocacy, other memberships provide some value,  but not necessarily the leadership, tools, and rapid response to meet these challenges and industry disruptors, while strategically planning a way forward.  A new path forward is needed.


In 2018, work began creating a new model for independent, faith-based retirement communities and others to identify possible ways forward. Currently, six pioneering organizations formed The Colligo Group, and have begun the quest to tap into collective leadership and create long-term sustainability to better serve. 

Partner initiatives

  • Explore business models to develop forward-thinking culture.
  • Grow through collaborative learning teams, and problem-solving forums for all levels. 
  • Marketing and sales approach strategies to reduce operational costs, explore potential revenue sources and joint contracting professional services. 
  • Work collaboratively on parsing, vetting and synthesizing information for critical issues.
  • Provide a platform to discuss a rapidly changing environment.
  • Initiate board development and monthly partner board meetings to discuss significant industry issues.

Colligo Cornerstones

  • Mutual consent and team decision-making
  • Leading with integrity and wisdom
  • Retain individual organizational identity
  • Problem solving with like-minded organizations
  • Agile operating structure and approach 
  • Shared financial commitment and benefit
  • Assistance with implementing innovation, key strategies, forward focus and joint ventures.